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Proactive Podiatry Practices


Kam Gohil

Who we are

Proactive Podiatry Practices is comprised of seven podiatry clinics located in North & South Brisbane, situated in North Lakes, Redcliffe, Margate, Cannon Hill, Hamilton, Wishart and Highgate Hill. Through a professional and caring approach, Proactive Podiatry Practices works to prevent the main problems that lead to foot pain. Using state-of-the-art equipment and over 25 years experience, Proactive Podiatry Practices will have your issues diagnosed and treated the best way manageable.

Our goal at Proactive Podiatry Practices is to combine over the extensive wealth of knowledge and experience over 26 years – combining the “old fashioned traditional chiropody” with modern day Podiatric Principles to give you the patient the quickest and most effective long term results where ever possible in the shortest possible period of time.

Our focus is on “Holistic Management” – and with this goal in mind, we are expanding our services to incorporate, Wellness and General Well Being.

What we know

“Prevention is always better than the cure. We provide the best possible support for your feet, stemming to your entire body. If prevention is possible, we will show you how. We always keep you on your feet.”

Kam Gohil

Director - Podiatrist




Providing care for all aspects of clinical podiatry.



Step by Step procedures for providing the highest comfort, care and results.



A vast knowledge and expertise in analysing results yeilded from the GaitScan analysis.



Assisting in the prevention and easing of sports injuries in the podiatry field.


25 Years


Kam Gohil

Kam trained at the Chelsea School of Chiropody (London) and qualified in 1987. Since qualifying, Kam developed his extensive experience over the first 16 years of his working life in the UK. He has worked within the Public Health System, in Private Practice, and has provided podiatry services to the staff for a Major High Street Retailer, as well as developing a Chiropody and Podiatry Service within an exclusive Health Spa in N Yorkshire. He has previously developed 2 successful practices, which he sold on once he moved to Brisbane in 2003. Over the last 10 years Kam has not only developed (from scratch) a thriving business in Redcliffe and Margate areas, but took over a part time business from a semi retired Podiatrist with clinic locations on the South Side of Brisbane. He is now operating a full time successful business operating under the new name of Proactive Podiatry Practices.


1. When should I see a Podiatrist?
Prevention is always better than the cure

If you are experiencing foot, leg, spine or body pain, contact us to book an appointment. It is always better to analysis and prevent pain than let it build up over time, risking further issues.

2. Where are you located?
North Brisbane


North Lakes



South Brisbane


Cannon Hill

Highgate Hill