3TO Nail Brace


The three-piece 3TO brace

Ingrown Nail Therapy

The 3TO brace can be used for ingrown and involuted toe-nails. The ends of the brace are gently hooked under the nail rim and tied up with a loop on the nail plate. This slightly lifts the ingrown nail out of the nail fold, enabling it to regain its normal growth. This orthonyxic brace by 3TO has been effectively used for many years for the treatment of ingrown toe-nails and involuted nails - not least of all because it does not interfere with your everyday life.


Advantages at a Glance

Treatment of ingrown toe-nails with corrective nail braces Corrective nail braces are medical devices, similar to dental braces, for toe-nails and finger nails.
- Quick relief and long-term improvements
- Simple and gentle treatment
- Perfect fit adapted to the individual nail
- Your everyday routine, work and sports activities are not affected
- A gentle alternative to surgical interventions