Bulk Billing Podiatry

Proactive Podiatry Practices currently offers Bulk Billing podiatry services to eligible patients at all of our clinics.

What is Bulk Billing Podiatry?

Bulk billed podiatry is when the podiatrist accepts the rebate offered by Medicare as the full fee for service, so that there is NO GAP fee for patients. The Medicare rebate applies only to the consultation fee, and any additional services will incur an out-of-pocket expense. For example - footwear modifications, orthotics and minor surgical procedures that may be recommended by us are not covered by Medicare.

Am I eligible for bulk billed podiatry through Medicare?

In order to receive a Medicare rebate for podiatry services, you need to obtain a valid referral for podiatry from your doctor, as part of a GP Management Plan (GPMP) under Team Care Arrangements (TCAs). This is generally put in place if your GP identifies that you have a chronic medical condition or complex care needs, in which case you may benefit from having one of these plans developed. For more information, get in touch with us on (07) 3390 8860.